Forms and Fees are due on or before Friday, November 10th.

If you were in a fall sport, you pay the Athletic Activity fee and make sure your

uniforms are turned in. Forms are available at http://sports.spps.org/ Athletic

Activity Fee is $45.00- $20 for Free and Reduced Lunch students.

Academics - Athletes are students first!! Academics should not suffer because of athletic participation. Athletes must be responsible to maintain Academic Excellence.


  • Follow all MSHSL Rules
  • Follow all Central H.S. Rules
  • Be respectful of Coaches, Teammates, and Competitors.
  • Be Good Sports and good representatives of Central H.S.

Varsity Teams and Lettering:

All athletes can race conference meets. Varsity and Invitational Teams will be selected based on race performance, participation, attitude and commitment.

Athletic Letters will be awarded based on effort, attitude, commitment, participation, and contribution to the team.


Athletes are expected to be at practice and competitions. We understand that our athletes are busy with schoolwork, music, drama, clubs, family, etc. Our athletes are very involved and schedule conflicts will occur.

Tell the coach if you are not able to attend a practice or competition.

Do not miss practice or competition because it is convenient, or because of poor planning