2018-2019 Race Results

December 4 TCNSC Skate 5K at Wirth. Results here.

December 11 TCNSC Classic 5K at Wirth.  Results here.

December 18 Mpls Conference Skate 5K at Wirth.  Results here.

January 3 Classic/Skate 5K at Wirth.  Results here.

January 5 Loppet Invite at Theodore Wirth. Results here.

January 8 TCNSC Skate Race at Battle Creek (cancelled due to conditions).

January 12 ABC Relays at Wirth.  Results here.

January 15 TCNSC Classic/Skate Race at Wirth Park.  Results here.

January 18 HS Rennet at Hyland Reserve. Results here.

January 22 TCNSC Finn Sprint Relays at Como (cancelled due to conditions).

January 25 TCNSC Conference at Wirth Park, 2 races, all day, pursuit.  Results on mTec here.

January 29 TSNSC JV Championships at Como.  Results here.

February 5 Section 3 Championships at Theodore Wirth.  Central results here.  Boys individual results. Girls individual results.

February 11 Costume Meet at Como.

February 13 Charlie Banks Relays at Giants Ridge.  Results here.

February 14 State Meet at Giants Ridge. Results here.