Section 3 Meet

Coach's Comments:  

Sections was very exciting and we are extremely proud of how well everyone raced!  The Boys raced 2nd at the Section 3 Championships on Tuesday and will be competing at State on Thursday! 

The Girls raced 7th and did not have their best day.  Everyone was a little disappointed, But racing is hard and sometimes it does not go as well as you would like it to.  The girls raced with great heart and character and we are proud of how hard they worked and how they did not let up, even when it was hard. 

The competition was very close for 2nd on the Boys side.  Minnehaha Boys raced really well
and Washburn Boys made the race for second very exciting.  Our Boys had good skate races and
moved up to take 2nd.  Every athlete should be proud of their efforts and races.

Many thanks to Kathleen, Paavo, and Sasha for all of their work on making the skis fast.  Many thanks to the parents and athletes that helped out at the start!


Photos of Classic Race

Photos of Skate Race

Misc photos, before, during, after


Boys in First Lap

Boys in Second Lap

Boys Going up Last Hill in Second Lap

It was a bit of a train wreck going up the last hill in the Girl's Skate Race.  The falling snow and deteriorating conditions made for very tough going.  The girls did a great job fighting through it. 

Last Hill I

Last Hill II

Last Hill III

Last Hill IV

TCNSC Varsity Championships

Coach's Comments:

Very nice racing at the Varsity Championships. Warm temps but the course held up pretty well and it worked out. Everyone raced really hard and skied very well. Our teams raced with a lot of heart and class. Good ski technique, smart racing, and great sportsmanship. Nice work!! Congratulations! Many thanks to Kathleen, Paavo, and Sasha for making the skis fast!! 

Boys raced well and ended up in a tight pack to win the Conference Championship! We had 6 athletes earn All Conference. Aidan McVey 2nd, Spencer WareJoncas 4th, Matt Dosland 5th, Will Bogenschultz 6th, Keagan McCully 7th, and Santi Bhattarai-Kline 8th. Leland Johnson was 17th and earned All Conference Honorable Mention. 

Our Girls raced really well and ended up 3rd overall. A lot of very nice races. Hannah Weissman 8th, and Jenny DeLaundreau 10th were All Conference. Tessa Waite 12th and Madie Scott 15th were All Conference Honorable Mention. Frankie Cerkvenek gets kudos for racing her first Classic race and her first Pursuit race.

In the St. Paul Conference, Boys were 1st, Girls 2nd.  I am not sure that we will separate the results out for the St. Paul Schools because of the low numbers in St. Paul Conference.

An awesome job all around!

Official Results

Photos of Classic Race

Photos of Skate Race


Top 6 Boys at Start

Top 6 Boys at End of Lap One

Top 6 Boys during Lap Two

Top 6 Boys at Finish

TCNSC Relays

The Twin Cities Nordic Ski Conference (TCNSC) held their annual relay race Tuesday, January 20, 2015 at Theodore Wirth Park in Minneapolis.  It was a 4x3k relay format with first two skiers skiing the classic technique and the last two skiing freestyle. 

The Arctic Commando boys relays finished first and second.  The girls teams finished fourth and seventh.  Congratulations to Keegan McCully who was the freestyle medalist.  If only they awarded medals at this race.  :(

Official Results

Mesabi East Invitational

Coach's Comments

Mesabi was definitely big fun.  It was cold, but not too bad in the sun.  Once the sun got low behind the ski hill it felt a lot colder.  Temp was –20 at 8:00 am but warmed quickly to –2F at the start of the boys classic races.  Kick and Glide waxing was good and the athletes came back from their races happy. Our athletes did pretty darn good and we are very proud of each of them. I have attached results and we can talk about them at practice.  Good work all!  Thanks to Kathleen, Paavo and Sasha for all of their hard work making fast skis!

Many thanks to parents that drove and chaperoned: Lori Goetz, Hope Covington Schwartz, Matt Waite, Deb Swenson, and Mark Scott. It was very nice to have parents drive up to spectate and support.  I saw the DeLaundreaus, and the Doslands.  Thanks to the Goetz family for arranging for us to stay at the church.  We are very lucky to have such supportive parents.  

Official Results

Arctic Commando Results


Peter Westra Memorial Sprints

The famous "Cookie Race" is a 1k sprint format. The Westra Sprints were cold, but a lot of fun and cookies were acquired.  We had 6 boys advance to the top 25, and Spencer and Aidan McVey went on to the Semis.  Aidan finished 3rd in the B Final for 6th place.  We had some success on the Girls side as well.  A number made it to the top 25, and Hannah Weissman made it to the Semis!  Qualifier results will be posted here when available.

Official Results
Team Results


2014 Trail Run Results

Coach's Comments:  

Thanks to everyone for helping at the Trail Run Fundraiser.  It was amazing.    We raised over $650 - some donations are still coming in. That will help a lot.  Our eventual goals are to raise enough so that we would not have to charge a transportation fee for our practice buses and maybe have a little bit for equipment for skiers that cannot afford their own.  Many thanks to John and Theresa Kendrick, and David and Shari Dosland who really did a great job organizing and making the race work.  Thanks to all the parents that helped out with organization, registration, and finish line. Thanks to everyone who came out and ran!   Athletes did a great job cheering out on the course, sweeping and clearing the race course.  We did great, no one got hurt, and we did not lose anyone.  Well done!  Cookies were awesome!