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St. Paul Central Nordicwear Store is OPEN: Complete an Order Form by 11/20 for the TOKO water bottle and boot bag

Check out our St. Paul Central Store Items!

New style Central Nordic Hats! Knit hats with pompom and slight ear flaps. These are warm and great for spectators! $20 each.

Bjorn Daehlie black tech fabric hats $20 each.

TOKO arctic commando insulated water belts!! $40 each.

TOKO arctic commando boot bag!! $120 each.

Long-sleeve or short-sleeve t-shirts. $15 each.

Order the TOKO water belt and boot bag here: 

Contact Liz Brine (651-278-7488 or for hats or t-shirts.

Cash or checks made out to St. Paul Central Sports Boosters - Nordic