2014 Trail Run Results

Coach's Comments:  

Thanks to everyone for helping at the Trail Run Fundraiser.  It was amazing.    We raised over $650 - some donations are still coming in. That will help a lot.  Our eventual goals are to raise enough so that we would not have to charge a transportation fee for our practice buses and maybe have a little bit for equipment for skiers that cannot afford their own.  Many thanks to John and Theresa Kendrick, and David and Shari Dosland who really did a great job organizing and making the race work.  Thanks to all the parents that helped out with organization, registration, and finish line. Thanks to everyone who came out and ran!   Athletes did a great job cheering out on the course, sweeping and clearing the race course.  We did great, no one got hurt, and we did not lose anyone.  Well done!  Cookies were awesome!